Accounting for souls – Fr Gerard Woo Ling

Fr Gerard Woo Ling is an Assistant Priest at St Mary’s Cathedral.

After spending years accounting in the world of finance, Fr Gerard decided it was time to begin “accounting in the world of souls by sharing in Christ’s priesthood through His role as Priest, Prophet and King.”

Born in Trinidad and Tobago, from a family of eight children, Fr Gerard worked in a finance department for a life insurance company for 16 years before moving to Sydney in 2005. He then worked for another 4 years prior to commencing his studies for the priesthood at the Seminary of the Good Shepherd at Homebush in 2010.

On 24 August 2017, the feast of St Bartholomew, Fr Gerard was ordained by Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP at St Mary’s Cathedral. Prior to and after his Ordination, he was appointed to the Parish of Regina Coeli, Beverly Hills; before being assigned to the Catholic Community of City South – Roseberry, Redfern & Waterloo in 2018. On 17 January 2019, Fr Gerard was appointed to his current role at St Mary’s Cathedral.

Since being ordained to the priesthood, Fr Gerard has encountered a number of gratifying moments that has defined his role as a priest, but being the link between Christ and the faithful is what he values the most.

“Undoubtedly, bringing the presence of Christ, in and through the Sacraments is the most rewarding. First and foremost in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, opportunities for the faithful to meet Christ, first in Word, then in Flesh highlights that there is a ‘One to many’ relationships.”

“Then in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, opportunities for the faithful to encounter Christ’s merciful love and compassion distinguishes that there is a ‘One to one’ relationship.”

Apart from running and playing cricket, soccer, tennis and basketball; Fr Gerard is looking forward to interacting with the St Mary’s Cathedral College community and meeting the people of God from various backgrounds and circumstances during his time at St Mary’s Cathedral, especially as it is a “national landmark for the Catholics of Sydney.” “The Cathedral is a place where one can gather and encounter the mystery of God through His Beauty, His Goodness & His Truth.”“The beauty of the Cathedral itself or the beauty of Her liturgical worship are some of the ways God looks to break into our lives. The goodness of God, is more often unseen than seen, demonstrated by those touched by God, be it through the Eucharist, Confession, Baptism, Marriage, Ordination or otherwise. The Truth is not just a what, but a Who. For Christ said “I am the Way, the Truth, the Life.” Allowing oneself to be embraced by the Truth of the Good news is life-changing.”