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Livestream 10:30am Mass – Pentecost Sunday

10:30am Solemn Mass - 31st May 2020

Livestream of Pentecost Vigil Mass

6pm - Pentecost Vigil Mass - 30th May 2020

Livestream 10:30am Solemn Mass – The Ascension of the Lord

10:30am Solemn Mass - 24th May 2020

Feast of St Matthias, the Apostle

sa 9am Mass

Archive of Livestreamed Masses

24th October 2020 - Mass for the Blessed Virgin Mary https://youtu.be/QpFWwR3w0bE 9am Mass 23rd October 2020 1:10pm Mass 22nd October 2020 1:10pm Mass 21st October 2020 1:10pm Mass 20th October 2020 1:10pm Mass 19th October 2020 1:10pm Mass 18th October 2020 - Twenty Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time 10:30am Solemn Mass  Click here to download the Mass Booklet 5pm Solemn Vespers and Benediction Click here to download the Vespers Booklet 17th October 2020 - St Ignatius of Antioch 9am Mass 16th October 2020 - Memorial of St Margaret Mary Alacoque 1:10pm Mass 15th October 2020 1:10pm Mass 14th October 2020 1:10pm ...