Events without a hitch – Jennifer Foo

Jennifer Foo is responsible for many functions and events held at St Mary’s Cathedral.

Jennifer has been in the role since March 2016. Her previous career was in communications and marketing for global companies in Australia and U.S.A.

“I was in the same industry for a good while and this opportunity arose to transition to a new, diverse role which offered a better work life balance. St Mary’s Cathedral is also my parish so it was a perfect connection where the role fit my expertise.”

Jennifer manages the end-to-end processes for all Special Liturgies held in St Mary’s Cathedral. She is the main point of contact between the Cathedral and many clients who utilise its services and spaces. She looks after daily enquiries and booking requests, as well as the management of all events including Special Masses, Weddings and Baptisms.

“I have a multi-purpose role since I’m also responsible for the St Mary’s Volunteer programme in managing and coordinating the various groups of Volunteers who support at the Cathedral.” (For more details about St Mary’s Cathedral’s Volunteer Programme, click here).

One of the most satisfying parts of her job involves engaging with people and clients holding an event within the Cathedral.

“I love the people aspect. It’s a carryover from my previous corporate career to now being part of the Cathedral, and working with internal colleagues as well as external clients.”

“St Mary’s Cathedral to me is about connections. It allows me to be closer to both my faith and the community. I can step out during a break and go to Mass or listen to the Cathedral Choir sing or hear the Cathedral bells ringing or walk through Hyde Park or The Royal Botanic Garden, it’s really a personal experience.”

Jennifer is on duty from Tuesday to Saturday because the majority of Wedding events are on Saturdays, and she needs to be on deck for these important occasions.  She also manages other major Cathedral events throughout the year.

“With our Australia Day celebrations, we had a full schedule of activities running so I was onsite for most of the day. We had our Volunteer tour guides providing free history tours of the Cathedral and Crypt in addition to scheduled organ recitals and the Cathedral bells ringing.

“We have people from near and far visiting on a daily basis, and we want to engage with everyone coming to the Cathedral whether the first time or multiple times. We want it to be a welcoming environment for local parishioners and tourists just like any renowned Cathedral around the world,” she says.