Making a difference – Fr Emmanuel Seo

Fr Emmanuel Seo is an Assistant Priest at St Mary’s Cathedral.

Fr Emmanuel was appointed to St Mary’s Cathedral in early 2015 in the role of part time assistant to the Cathedral Parish as well as Master of Ceremonies for the Archbishop and the Archdiocese.

Born in South Korea, Fr Emmanuel came to Australia in 1988 a year after his family had converted from Buddhism to Catholicism.

“We were actually baptised a few weeks before coming to Australia. Since then I have been living in Sydney and studied computer engineering at university then I started to discern a call to the priesthood and attended the Good Shepherd Seminary in Homebush.”

In May 2011, he was ordained a priest in St Mary’s Cathedral and after being appointed to a number of different parishes, he was appointed to his current role at St Mary’s.

“My key duties are to look after the liturgies which the Archbishop celebrates including Masses, Blessing and other liturgical appointments. I accompany him and also prepare and liaise with the organisers to make sure the Archbishop is being looked after and that the liturgies are planned according to the outlines of the liturgical notes.

“I have certain normal duties which a priest would have in a parish such as Masses, hearing Confession, Baptisms and I also visit schools and look after our young adults group, Embrace.

“I have always enjoyed aspects of the Cathedral. This is not only the church of the Archdiocese but also the mother church of this country and that creates certain expectations. Personally I have always appreciated the beautiful liturgies including the Cathedral Choir and the wonderful repertoire of liturgical music and, while many of my duties would be the same in any parish, there are others that not everyone gets to experience.

“For instance a lot more people come to the sacrament, to confession, at St Mary’s and I think from a priest’s perspective, this is a very healthy sign for both the priest and the people.

“I believe this is because people are in the city working during the day and we provide easy access for them. The hours and location means that we are just more accessible.”